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pure security is a service designed to help customers evaluate and design their IT security, in whole or in part, using our expert Technical Consultants and IT channel resources. Our highly trained team offers completely objective and expert input into your IT security strategy planning.

our 3-tier security model



"Nearly 6 million cyber and fraud crimes were committed last year in England and Wales"



Can I be hacked?

We use independent, objective and impartial security methods to identify weaknesses; from traditional penetration and vulnerability assessments to a complete ‘white hat’ ethical hacking service. 

The level and extent of service is directly linked to an organisation risk profile, attack surface and specific requirements.  Subsequent reports identify weaknesses along with recommended remediation plans referencing our 3-Tier security model.


"Cybercrime incidents in the UK up 20 percentage points since 2014"


How do I avoid Ransomware?

Ransomware attacks range in style from emails with fake invoices, to replica websites of popular brands like Facebook and Google and has significantly increased recently in conjunction with multiple-threat attacks.  

It is difficult to be 100% protected but not impossible, with robust controls in place.  We can advise on best practices to ensure you are in the best possible position to defend these types of attacks.

001 ransomeware


"Cyber crime cost UK business more than £1bn in the past year"


What do I do to avoid viruses?

Viruses have become more diverse, more sophisticated and more awkward to deal with  but with the right controls in place there has been no reason to contract a virus FOR THE LAST TEN YEARS if you do the right things.   

Our proven 3-tier security model puts the right control measures in place to secure most organisations entirely.


tier 1 cloud service mimecast

Mimecast is making email safer for organisations. Mimecast's security, archiving and continuity cloud services protect business email and deliver comprehensive email risk management in one fully-integrated subscription service. 100% virus-free SLA.


tier 2 firewall barracuda

The Barracuda NextGen Firewall gives network administrators the tools and controls needed to simplify the complex job of ensuring security and performance across the entire hybrid WAN network.


tier 3 endpoint protection bitdefender

Bitdefender GravityZone uses intelligent learning to deliver threat intelligence in less than 3 seconds anywhere in the world. Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools adapt automatically, delivering security across all environments.

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